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C & C Cage Liners

JPS Cage Liners are filled with the Thickest wadding creating that Super Thick Luxurious feel at nearly 2 inches thick!

All Liners are Machine Washable on a Quick 30 Degree Wash & Dry Naturally, Do Not Tumble Dry.

For Cage Liners Ordered from the Selection below, All Items & Cage Liners are Made Specifically to Order

Please Note for Larger than 2x4 C&C Cages;

Where JPS Cage Liners are So Thick with the Larger Cage Liners if they are made much bigger than a 2x4, they won't fit in the washing machine in one piece. For the larger cages like the 2x5 for example; your Liners are Best Split into two, for Easy Maintenance. 

Example; 5x2 = 2x3 & 2x2 Making your 5x2 Size 

Example; 6x2 = Two 2x3 Making your 6x2 Size 

Above in the photos are examples of split liners; grey star cage Liner below is a 5x2 example with the 2x2 (Under The Loft) & 2x3.

JPS Pets Cannot Make Liners much bigger than the 2x4 Size in one piece due to the Super Thickness of the Cage Liners 

If you need a 3x3 Size, these Also need to be Split into Two 21'x21"inch pieces to make up your 3x3 Size, 3x3 Size are £34 / 21"x21" £17 each / £34 for Two to make a 3x3 Size, Please Contact Us to Order

If you place an Order with Multiple Items or Any Products that are in Promotions, Unfortunately the Website isn't able to Discount Items directly or Combine Postage, After your Order Confirmation from us Via Email, we will Refund any Over Payment of Items & Postage back to you to Ensure that you get the Promotional Price & Correct Postage Costs

For more Photos Of JPS Cage Liners, Please see our facebook/Instagram Page or watch the link below;

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Sneak Peak at why JPS Liners are So Luxuriously Thick!  

Only The Thickest & Most Superior Filling is Used to Create that Super Plush Feeling 

Super Thick at Nearly 2 Inches!