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JPS Pets Currently Use Two types of Fleece; Cuddle Fleece & Polar fleece 

The difference between the two fleeces is that the cuddle fleece is super, super soft and fluffy, It has a fluffy pile on the surface of the fabric, it’s like the super soft bed and sofa throws you can buy. Where as the polar fleece has a shorter pile and isn’t as fluffy, it’s more insulating like the material you find inside jackets. It’s a firmer fleece, which goes nicely underside or inside the beds particularly if cuddle fleece is used. As the cuddle fleece is so soft and floppy, it needs the firmer polar fleece inside or underside to give it that Lovely Neat Sharp Quality Finish which hold its shape, wash after wash. 

With the Polar Fleece it wicks away the urine straight away, with the cuddle fleece it’s a little slower due to the pile and Fluffy nature of the fabric, but both are fine to use for Beds & Cage Liners.

For Cage Liners, I find personally the Cuddle Fleece is easier to brush the dirt off & Clean as it’s so fluffy it falls off easier, but the Polar Fleece is easier to Brush the hair off, my little beasties seem to prefer the cuddle fleece liners but it’s all preference to what you like. Please See the Product - Cage liner information Page for Further Information  

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