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Product Care & Cage Liner information and Care 

Please Wash all the items on a quick wash and at 30 Degree's & Dry Naturally, Do Not Tumble Dry 

All beds like Cuddle cups, Igloos, Cuddle Sacks, Sofas; Please turn inside out and wash, then allow to dry naturally, Do not tumble dry. Once Dry, ping back into normal shape for Best Results. 

The Cage Liners are Absorbent with a Super Thick 14oz Polyester Wadding Used in-between The fleece, but I place puppy pads underneath mine, I find it keeps the liners fresher for longer, I find it helps soak the urine off and out the liners so they don’t soak and hold all the urine and go soggy in certain areas, I find with my girls liners it helps with washing less regular. Personally I’ve found the b&m puppy pads to be the best absorbing and are about £3.99 for 30 or £12.99 for 100.

With fleece cage liners every one has they're own approach to cleaning and maintaining their liners. Personally my routine is; if you remove the dirt daily either by brushing it off, Lifting the liner and flinging it off or giving it a quick hoover, it helps keep them cleaner for washing at the end of the week and isn’t such a stretch to get all the dirt off before going in the washing machine. I’ll do this every day or every other day depending on how stretched I am for time, sometimes even every 3rd day if I’m struggling for a spare minute. I also use an old tail hair comb, just a cheap one nothing fancy, and give the liners a brush and scrape all the hair off. This helps really take most of the hair off that’s on the liners, I’ve found this type of tail hair comb really helps to get the hair off, I’ve tried most things from tape, lint rollers to special hair removers for removing hair but this simple tail comb brush seems to work the best with least amount of work and cheapest option too, using the Tail Hair comb Works the Best on Polar Fleece. I wash my liners every week on a Sunday. I’ll wash them on a quick wash at 30 degrees then let them dry naturally. They mustn’t be tumble dried or washed hotter than 30 degrees as it destroys the fabrics & Quality of the Product, I also pop some sensitive dettol antibacterial solution in too so they’re super fresh when they come out but you don’t need to add this if you don’t want to. Some people wash their liners every 2/3/5/7 days but I find it’s all preference and how dirty your little beasties are. In an ideal world, I would wash mine every 2-3 days, but I’m Always pushed for time, so end up washing them on every Sunday with a spare liner for a swap over to make things easier Rather than Waiting for the one in the wash to Dry. Plus if I’m really pushed for time I’ll swap the liner over to it’s under side and use that side too. But I would say a week is a good time to go before washing, with the least amount of work being to clean the dirt off mid week. Also some people do use pet hair washing bags, I've tried this before but I must have brought rubbish ones as the ones I’ve tried never catch any hair, with not a single hair in the bag and all in the washing machine! 

For the fabrics, The difference between the two fleeces is that the cuddle fleece is super, super soft and fluffy. It has a fluffy pile on the surface of the fabric, it’s like the super soft bed and sofa throws you can buy. Where as the polar fleece has a shorter pile and isn’t as fluffy, it’s more insulating like the material you find inside jackets. It’s a firmer fleece, which goes nicely underside or inside the beds particularly if cuddle fleece is used. 

As the cuddle fleece is so soft and floppy, it needs the firmer polar fleece inside or underside to give it that lovely neat quality finish which hold its shape, wash after wash. With the polar fleece it wicks away the urine straight away, with the cuddle fleece it’s a little slower to Wick away due to the pile and nature of the fabric, Particularly when the cuddle fleece is Brand New, the urine tends to bead on the surface but after the first wash, it wicks away better, but both are fine to use its all Personal Preference. 

I find personally the cuddle fleece is easier to brush the dirt off and clean as it’s so fluffy it falls off easier, also my little beasties seem to prefer the cuddle fleece liners as its So Plush but it’s all preference to what you like and prefer. 

All JPS Items are Perfectly fine to use Straight away when Brand New, They don't need a wash before hand, but its all Personal choice if you Wish to wash Before hand. 

Sneak Peak at why JPS Liners are So Luxuriously Thick!  

Only The Thickest & Most Superior Filling is Used to Create that Super Plush Feeling 

Super Thick at Nearly 2 Inches!